IUPAP Young Scientist Prize Semiconductor Physics

1. General Rule

a) IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Semiconductor Physics will be awarded to scientists not more than 8 years * past his/her completion of Ph. D thesis. (It excludes the maternity leave by a female researcher.)

b) The number of the prize winners is up to two for every two years

c) Each recipient receives a medal prepared by IUPAP and a check. The amount of prize check is $1000

2. Schedule and Procedures

a) The IUPAP Prize will be awarded at the ICPS Conference starting with ICPS 2008 in Rio de Janeiro.

b) Nomination: A candidate must be nominated by a senior member ( s ) of the research community .

1. “Senior members” are those with more than 16 years of research experience, after finishing his/her Ph.D work”

2. The nomination form should include :

Nominee’s information:
His/her name, present affiliation, post, address, a brief CV, describing when (year/month) and where his/her MS/PhD degrees were earned, and when and where the subsequent R&D activities are conducted.

Citation (less than 25 words) and the short summary (less than 200word) of nomineee’s key achievements.

Nominator’s information:
His/her name, present affiliation, post, address, (if desirable, major past affiliations and posts can be added), relation to the nominee (how long and in which way the nominator knows the candidate).

Detailed description (less than two pages) of nominee’s key achievements (including the description of collaborators’ contributions).

List of major publications (up to 8), containing the description of collaborators’ contributions and the reprints of up to 4 key papers.

Extended list of publications (up to 20)

c) Prize committee:

C8 Commission members and the Chair of the Program Committee of the ICPS in a given year forms the prize committee, consisting of the chair, vice chair, secretary, and members, to ensure the smooth and coherent execution of the selection. The secretary of the C8 assumes the responsibility of the secretary of the prize committee. The chairman of the Prize Committee for 2008 and 2010 is Prof. Klaus v. Klitzing.

d) Pre-selection and Schedule (to be coordinated with ICPS in a given year):

1) Solicitation of nominations:
Information about the YSP-SP posted on C8 page of the IUPAP website.
Each C8 sponsored conference must advertise the IUPAP YSP –SP.
C8 members advertise YSP-SP via their National Liason Committees .
Nominations to be submitted to the Secretary of the Prize Committee.

2) Deadline for the submission of nomination forms for the 2008 Prize
Dec. 25, 2007
e-mail distribution of documents (by Jan 2. 2008)

3) Selection of several (4 to 6) finalists by the Prize Committee(Jan. 30)
Voting by Jan. 15 and discussion till Jan. 30

4) Notification to finalists and request to attend the ICPS - Feb. 10

e) Finalists’ present ation to the Prize Committee members and general audience during the first half of the ICPS.

The final decision made by the end of ICPS.

f) Announcements at the closing session of ICPS by the Chair of the Prize Committee.

g) Presentation of Certificates, Checks and Medals

The inscription to medals and shipping take a few weeks;
Hence, the IUPAP medal must be shipped later to the recipients

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